Mixin: RecordTypeDescriptorWithValidators

x2node-validators. RecordTypeDescriptorWithValidators

Validators module specific RecordTypeDescriptor extension.


<readonly> title :string|Object.<string, string>

Record type title.
  • string | Object.<string, string>

<readonly> validationErrorMessages :Object.<string, (string|Object.<string, string>)>

Context validation error messages for the record type and its properties. The keys are message ids, the values are either message template strings, or objects with language codes as keys and localized message templates strings as values.
  • Object.<string, (string|Object.<string, string>)>

<readonly, nullable> validators :Object.<string, Array.<module:x2node-validators.curriedValidator>>

Record validators/normalizers or null if no validators. The keys are validation sets, including "*" for the validators that always run, and the values are the functions.