Mixin: PropertyDescriptorWithValidators

x2node-validators. PropertyDescriptorWithValidators

Validators module specific PropertyDescriptor extension.


<readonly> title :string|Object.<string, string>

Property title.
  • string | Object.<string, string>

<readonly> validationErrorMessages :Object.<string, (string|Object.<string, string>)>

Context validation error messages for the property (and nested properties if the property is a nested object). The keys are message ids, the values are either message template strings, or objects with language codes as keys and localized message templates strings as values.
  • Object.<string, (string|Object.<string, string>)>

<readonly, nullable> validators :Object.<string, Array.<module:x2node-validators.curriedValidator>>

Property validators/normalizers or null if no validators. The keys are validation sets, including "*" for the validators that always run, and the values are the functions.